decision making

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    decision under loss function, discrete Bayes

    Hi guys, This is my first post here. I am currently enrolled in the Coursera Bayesian Statistics course from Duke University. While I've enjoyed the Statistics with R specialization so far, I think this course is not at the same level as the other ones. In one of the quizzes from the course...
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    significance of the difference between two values

    Hello all, I'm working on a skew-normal distribution and would like to know if the difference between 2 values of the data set is significant. It's the distribution of Mutual Information between couples of lemmas (100,000 of them). You can see the distribution on the jpg image. What I...
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    BreakEven treshold - decision making

    If my break-even for response rate is 60% and total population 500,000 What would be the best way to determine if I should continue the vendor : N sample size response vendor 1 : 50 70% vendor 2 : 2000 30 % vendor 3 : 100...