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    Dendrogram reading

    Hello! Can somebody please help me figure where should I draw the line to determine the number of clusters? I'm thinking 3 clusters but i'm not 100%.
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    Once completing a PCA on a dataset how do I go about adding the PCA scores to data?

    I am only new to STATA and was wondering once I have completed a PCA on my dataset, how do I see the scores on the dataset? (The data tab at the top beside the graphics tab) Also while I am here, after completing a cluster analysis and dendrogram how do I reduce it down to 6 groups (6 groups is...
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    No dendrogram in two-step cluster analysis SPSS v20

    Hi, My two-step cluster analysis does not return a dendrogram or any tables. Could somebody please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I am running SPSS v20 and have a mixture of categorical and continuous variables. Thank you so much, Angela
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    WGCNA: Combining block-wise dendrograms and modules into a single figure

    Hello fellow R users, I am currently learning to use R, so please forgive me if there is an obvious explanation for the following problem. My goal is to perform WGCNA on a dataset of 19776 genes, so I opted to follow the block-wise network construction (Section 2c) in the WGCNA R Tutorial by...
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    Dendrogram Not Working for Method: Wards, Measure: Cosine?

    I'm running an Hierarchical Cluster Analysis. When I run with Method: Wards, Measure: Euclidean, I get a beautiful dendrogram: The clusters with Method: Wards, Measure: Euclidean, are not nearly as useful as the clusters I get on this data using Method: Wards, Measure: Cosine. However...