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    Measuring dependence over time?

    Hello there, I would like to know what would be the best method to measure the relationship between variables like life expectancy and income over time (years)? In my case I have a time series with around 30 years. I would like to examine if there is a dependence between variables like life...
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    Positive chi-square test: what to do next?

    Hi!! I'm analysing two categorical variables, Landslides (YES/NO) and Vegetation (grouped into 18 classes), and I'd like to explore and model the relationship between them. Firstly, I've carried out a chi-square test for independence that has returned a positive result, i.e. the two...
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    One variable influencing the other

    Hey everyone! I'm new to statistics and would really appreciate some help. I have this one project, that I need to finish, and the objective of it is to see if one variable has any influence on the other. More precisely, I need to know if anxiety can influence the performance on tests (test...