dependent variable

  1. W

    Paired t test unequal sample sizes?

    I want to find if there's a significance between the two levels average mean values from my dependent variable "X," which are "High X" and "Low X." High X (85 items) + Low X (65 items) = X (150 items) Both have unequal sample size, but they're from the same group "X." I opted for paired sample...
  2. Junes

    Within-subject factor or different DVs?

    Hi all, Something I came across when helping a colleague out. I can conceptualize one 'grouping' of his data as a within-subject factor or as different dependent variables. He's looking at the attributes of brands (functional/traits/values) and, in a survey, asks for the importance of each in a...
  3. P

    How to interpret Standardized Coeff Beta when DV (in %) is transformed using log feature?

    Hello everyone, I am analyzing the influence of some stores attributes (e.g., quality, price, in-store service, communication ...) on customer loyalty (more precisely share of wallet = how much a customer allocates to a specific store in %: 0-100). I transformed the dependent variables (share...
  4. J

    Regression with summated scale help

    Hi all, I am having struggles with computing a (hierarchical) regression analysis for my data, and i have a feeling this is due to my variables. I have a feeling the problem is with my dependent variable - as it is basically a sum of the three categories per respondent. Is there any way that i...
  5. 2

    Analysis of parental leave

    Hello, in my bachelor thesis i have to use regression analysis, i used a questionnaire to collect the data. Dependent variable is the time that respondents have factually spent on parental leave.However, i didn't set this question clear, and now i have answers from respondents about when their...
  6. D

    Multivariate Linear Regression

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to do a multivariate linear regression, I have 3 dependent variables with 2 separate time points for each, how do I condense this into three variables so that I can look at the time points together.
  7. S

    Which Statistical test to use?

    Can someone tell me the statistical tests I could use with the following variables. Independent variable categorical (high, medium, low) Dependent variables are categorical, and some are dichotomous What parametric (for large samples) and what non-parametric (small samples) could be...
  8. E

    Country inclusion in gravity model

    Hi! I will be using a gravity model for my master thesis (not an economics/statistics major) focusing on remittance flows within the EU. I am familiar with the gravity model but have a fairly basic question to which I have not found the answer through books or articles.. or at least I have...
  9. S

    If B predicts A, can A also predicts B?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to multiple regression analysis. I have a question and I hope someone can help answer it. Thank you. In a multiple regression analysis, B, along with several other predictors, was found to be a predictor of A. Literature also says B is a predictor of A. Since A and B...
  10. I

    Spearmans rho: Attitude (on a Likert scale) Purchase Intentions (on a Likert scale)?

    I have measured 'Attitude towards a product' using Likert scale and I have measured 'Purchase Intentions to buy the product' also using Likert scale. Now I have to check "if Attitude influences Purchase Intention". I have ranked the Likert scale and performed Speamans rank correlation. Are there...
  11. K

    SPSS help

    Hi, I just have a few quick questions. Statistics is not my best all, and I could REALLY use the help. I am currently in Research Methods and I have stupid, simple questions that I could use the answers too. My question on my homework is, there are 40 participants split up into...