descriptive statistics

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    What tests to carry out when all variables are categorical?

    Hello to one and all, I am doing a Research Project for my Master degree course. One of my Research Questions in my Project is: How do employees in <”name of country”> perceive the concept of <”an upcoming concept related to how employees work”> ? I need to take a survey in order to answer the...
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    Interpretation of statistical test (2x2xk contingency table)

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    volatility analysis

    Hello everyone, I want to write my thesis about the stability of stablecoins and need some help with my analysis. I want to analyse the volatility of stablecoins compared to the USD and Bitcoin. My Null Hypothesis would be something llike "The fx-rates of stablecoins to 1. USD and 2. BTC are...
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    Descriptive Statistic to Find Population Values

    Hello forums, What I am trying to do: I want to find the maximum number of rentable rooms that could exist if someone wanted to either build am addition or construct a building in a specific city zoning district--in this case it would be up to 4 floors per parcel (or property). I have a...
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    Immigrants VS Americans educational levels in relation to Welfare

    I recently came across a graph comparing education levels between foreign born immigrants and US born citizens that was divided into four categories. Less than highschool, Highschool graduate, Some college, Bachelor or more 9% of us born did not graduate And 27% of foreign born did not graduate...
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    [Relative Standard Deviation (%)] Question on Suitability

    This may be a naïve question but I have read in several sources (example) that calculating the relative standard deviation is unreliable if the mean is close to zero. My questions are: 1.) How close should the mean be to zero before RSD(%) becomes unreliable for expressing statistical spread...
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    How can I split the mean (e.g. split the mean by gender) in SPSS?

    I am completely new to SPSS and I have to split the mean by one variable or even by two variables ("produce a single table showing the mean of the symptom severity checklist score before and after treatment, split by anxiety disorder and by patient gender") This is just the example I have been...
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    Statistical report

    Hi, I am a first-year business student that is taking a stats class. I have a report assignment with the requirement of an executive survey and certain purposes for the client, who owns a furniture shop. The objectives were: 1. Profile of customers-Age, gender, disposable income... 2...
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    [SPSS - T-Test] - understanding how to approach a question

    Hello, I have I inputted my data into SPSS. This is the question that I have been given: Compare the QABF attention(interval data)scores and demand(interval data) scores of people with a diagnosis of FXS and those with any diagnosis. Are people with FXS more likely to have lower...
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    Evaluation of impact over time

    I have 3 groups and their data: incoming customers incoming funds When looking on 2 week resolution, I check the percentage difference and can evaluate the impact on these parameters. If I have 5 weeks, data for each week, I need a better statistic to evaluate the impact on the parameters...
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    What type of ANOVA test should I do?

    The same participants are exposed to two different screen sizes 27" (stimulus A) and screen size 9.7" (stimulus B). Independent var is "screen" with two levels - sizes. After exposure to stimulus A, they fill two questionnaires to answer dependent variables Y1 and Y2. After that, they are...
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    compare groups and examine relationships

    Hi, 1.I am planning to examine the level of user engagement of participants playing a particular computer game, that has two versions, one in color and the other one in black and white. I understand that I can conduct a one way-within subject test ANOVA to compare the means of the two groups...
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    Likert Scale - Not Applicable Option

    I have the following scales: 1 (Strongly Disagree); 2 (Disagree); 3 (Not Applicable); 4 (Agree); 5 (Strongly Agree); Questionnaire responses: Question Item1: 2; Question Item2: 3; Question Item3: 1; Question Item4: 1; Question Item5: 4; If I need to average the above responses...
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    Selecting cases for descriptive statistics

    Hi All I've got a data set from a regional competition, where students of different age groups and different schools have submitted entries. Some schools have entered students in each age group, others in one or two age groups. The region has been further sub-divided into divisions. I've...
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    Response time - what is the best central tendency measure?

    I have a bunch of people working under me. I give them some tasks to complete on a regular basis. Some of the tasks are time bound and some aren't. I want to find a "measure" that best captures the response time of each employee. Finally based on this measure I want to see who is the best and...
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    Descriptive Statistics

    You are conducting a 2(gender) x 2(treatment group) analysis to study smoking as an outcome variable (yes,no). At the very least, what kind of descriptive statistics mentioned below, would you provide in a table after testing the association between smoking status and gender or treatment group...
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    Descriptive statistics on dummy variables in financial time series

    I got daily returns for the last 15 years. I would like to find the the descriptive statistics(mean,Stdev,skewness, kurtosis) impact on last Thursday of every month. I have created a dummy variable to reflect the same. How to find the descriptive statistics only for those days alone?
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    What is the best descriptive stats to present this data

    I have a table where the major categories are on the columns and they total to 100% for each column. Then the subcategories are on the rows and each row total to 100%. I am looking for a descriptive stats tool that can do a comparison column-wise and row-wise at the same time? Or am I asking for...
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    Clean table of descriptive statistics in R

    Hello, I am migrating to R from Stata. However, I am having much trouble producing a simple, clean table of descriptive statistics. In Stata, I can type: summarize v1 v2 v3 and get a table with variable names in the first column followed by the number of observations, means, sds, and...
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    Estimating the variance of a computation from descriptive statistics

    Hello, I am a Ph.D. candidate in the behavioural sciences and I am a bit at a loss with respect to finding a solution to the problem to follow: I have the means and standard deviations of three time points in a sample of twenty people. Mean (SD) 10.3 (2.4) 9.2 (1.3) 9.5 (1.8) I...