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    Logistic regression: question on deviance

    Does anyone know the answer to this question? I am assuming it is not model 1 since it has the highest residual deviance ..
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    How to analyse deviance (GLM in R)

    Hi! This might be quite basic, but how do I analyse the fit of my GLM from the deviance? In the summary of my model, I get a deviance of 140.1 (df.resid = 52). Can I tell from these numbers, if the fit is acceptable? Thanks in advance for any replies!:tup:
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    Calculating deviance residuals and dispersion for a count model

    Hello, I’m working with a poisson model to look at relationships between fish and habitat. I have multiple-pass count data (the same pool snorkeled multiple times), and I’m using a program called “unmarked”, which uses hierarchical models to estimate both abundance (poisson) and detection...
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    Categorical data goodness of fit question

    Hello, I am trying to fit a log linear model with proc genmod and when i include all interactions (3 variables) i get the following: Criterion DF Value Value/DF Deviance 0 0.0000 . Scaled Deviance 0...
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    can anybody please tell me why we need to multiply difference of likelyhoods by "-2"? Where this 2 came from, why not 3? Could not find answer