diagnostic accuracy

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    Sample size estimation for evaluation of diagnostic tests

    I am studying 2 blood tests (A and B) to detect infection following exploratory laparotomy undertaken to treat various surgical lesions. In other words, the population is somewhat heterogenous. In a similar previous study (51 patients), other authors reported on test A. The blood will be sampled...
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    Discrepancy between Chi-square and sensitivity and specificity

    The performance of 19 impaired and 42 typically developing children was tested using 3 assessment parameters to see which parameter best discriminated between the groups (correctly detected impaired as impaired or typically developing as typically developing). In addition discrimination function...
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    Adjusting for repeat-test-exposure bias in diagnostic accuracy studies

    I'm conducting a metaanalysis pertaining to diagnostic accuracy of an index test compared to the reference standard, and for my question on this thread, I've replaced all the medical jargon/details with statistical terms. The majority of studies that I have found (and the ones that are...