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    Multi-roll, 12 sided die outcomes (used brute force 725,000 die rolls)

    I have forgotten my grad school probability and need some help with the following. I am trying to create a .xls that I can use to look at the odds of multiple dice throws. Quantity of dice = 10 (n) # of sides per dice = 20 (s) Each dice has the following colors instead of numbers: 4 Yellow...
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    Die With Multiple Same Sides

    Hi everyone - see my problem below. With a regular die I know my denominator is 36 for each probability. What I'm wondering here is if that changes since multiple sides of the die have the same number... Right now I have the probability of a sum of 2 is 1/36, a sum of 3 as 2/36, sum of 4 as...
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    Probability HW help

    I need help with these problems. I worked them out, got answers, and checked the back of the book to see if I got them correct. A pair of six-sided balanced dice are rolled. What are the probabilities of getting the sum of the face values as follows? (a) 8 (b) 6 or 9 (c) 3, 8, or 12 (d)...
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    Probability of throwing n different numbers in m throws of a dice

    Folks I know how to calculate the probability of throwing the same number in every throw of a dice (die, if you prefer!), and I know how to calculate the probability of throwing a different number in each throw of a dice. But how do I calculate the probability of throwing n different numbers...
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    Dice probability question

    What are the odds of rolling 2d6(2 6-sided dice) three times and getting two 3s? How about rolling 4 times; 5 times? I know rolling a 2d6 has a 5.56% chance of landing a 3. How do I calculate the chances of that happening twice in 3/4/5 rolls?
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    Dice probability with limited reroll

    Hello, I'm having difficulty understanding this problem and I was wondering if someone had an answer. Let n = \text{Number of dice} = 3 p_s = \text{Single die success probability (when the face is 3 or more)} = \frac{1}{2} k = \text{Number of successful die} \in 0, 1, 2, 3 P(n, k...
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    dice rolling odds. please help!

    Suppose you have a FIVE sided dice. One of the sides has a star on it, the other four sides are blank. Suppose you rolled it 10 times. What are the odds that you would roll the star 4 out of the 10 times? can't figure this out, thank you so much!
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    Please help me start this question.

    Consider an experiment where we roll a single die once and let X represent the number of dots that appear on the top face of the die. Suppose that the die is not fair and that P(X=x)=x/k for x= 1,2,3,4,5,6. All I would like to know is what does the k in x/k mean in this question? How would I...
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    Simple Probability Question

    OK, so I am wondering about something and am not good with probability, but maybe someone here has the answer You have a die with only 4 sides, with the numbers 1-4 written on the sides. You roll the die 5 times. What is the probability of the number 2 showing up: Once? Twice? Three times...
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    Conditional Probability?

    What is the probability on a single roll of a pair of dice, that the sum is 6, given that at least one die came up 1? I'm thinking that there are 11 ways to roll the pair with a 1 on at least one die. Of those 11 ways 2 sum to 6 (1&5, 5&1), so my answer is 2/11 Is this correct?
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    Probability of irregular 10-sided die

    I've got an odd question here: I've got a 10-sided die with sides labeled as such: -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2 Thus, the odds for a single die look like this: Odds of -1: 0.1 Odds of 0: 0.4 Odds of +1: 0.4 Odds of +2: 0.1 I'm trying to find the probabilities of rolling every possible outcome...
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    multiple dice rolls where each dice has a different number of sides.

    Hi all, :) I would appreciate any and all help given. Abstract of the problem: How can I calculate the probability of any given number turning up after 2 or more dice rolls, where first dice calculates the probability of what dice gets thrown on the 2nd roll. There is a 1/6 chance that the 2nd...
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    Dice probability problem

    2 defending dice do battle with a attacking dice, where a can be any positive integer. The highest scoring defender die is paired with the highest scoring attacking die; the second-highest scoring defending die is paired with the second-highest scoring attacking die. If, in each pair, the...
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    Dice's similarity coefficient (aka nei and li). significance...

    I've been struggling with the Dice coefficient for days now. I understand that the closer to 1 the cases are the more similar they are but is there some way of obtaining a p value for this to show some level of how significant this similarity is to one another? i can't seem to find anything...
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    Conditional Multivariate Probability

    So, I got this from my textbook and it makes sense: P_{Y|x}(y)= P(Y=y|X=x) = P_{X,Y}(x, y)/P_X(x) But I'm trying to apply it to this question and I'm struggling. Here's the question: Suppose a die is rolled six times. Let X be the total number of 4’s that occur and let Y be the number of 4’s...
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    Almost lost 10$ at the bar

    First off, I am kind of drunk, so excuse the simple mistakes. I was just given even odds on a bet on 1 roll of 5 dice. (I didn't take it) Meaning we each put $10 on the bar and whoever guesses what shows up on the 5 dice gets all of it. They bet that given 1 roll of a total of 5 dice, and given...
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    Joint Probability Issues

    I'm trying to prepare for a test and going over some practice problems I just found with no solutions, and they've basically led me to believe I'm completely lost. The section we're working on is joint probability, while the entire section in the book focused on problems with pdf's given as...
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    Dice and Don't Cares

    Hi. I'm working on deriving a probability formula to help in some research I'm doing, but I've hit a wall. I've managed to reduce my problem down to a dice problem, which effectively makes it a textboot problem. There one aspect of the problem I think I've solved, but another that I can't...
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    Matching sets on Dice

    For those of you who know dice, I have this question: You roll multiple dice (with the same number of sides), what are the chances of getting matching sets? For instance: You roll 10 dice that have 6 sides each. What is the chance that 2 of them are the same (does not matter the number, just...