directional test

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    Please help me choose the appropriate test for a directional hypothesis

    Hi everyone, I've been asked to take a new direction with one of the research questions in my dissertation fairly last minute so I'd be really grateful of your help. I'm looking at the pH values from two treatment groups and my hypothesis is: H1: The heat samples have a significantly more...
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    Directional test help

    Directional test (H1:M<μ) – In the city there is normally a mean of 75 parking tickets issued per officer with a standard deviation of 12. The police are testing a new no parking signs using a sample area of 30 officers and tickets are down to a mean of 68. Is this significantly lower?
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    I need help with directional test

    Directional test (H1:M>μ) – You are trying out a new fertilizer on your farm. The population mean for your corn is 130 lbs per acre with a population standard deviation of 20 lbs. Your test sample of 60 acres resulted in 133 lbs per acre. Is this significantly more? The z score i got is...