dirichlet distribution

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    Choosing prior for the regression coefficients in the logistic regression

    I'm trying to model Bayesian logistic regression model (using JAGS in R) with my dependent variable (status: 0=alive, 1 death) & independent variable (age) in the categorical form (0=patients < 65 yrs old, 1=patients >=65 yrs old). I'm using normal dist. as a prior for constant term, b0 and...
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    Dirichlet distribution

    I computed mean, variance and covariance of the Dirichlet distribution. To do so, I computed E[x_k], E[x_k^2] and E[x_i x_j]. This is the first time I've dealt with multivariate distributions. The mean should be the weighted sum of the vectors x in the simplex so I can consider one component at...