discriminant analisys

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    SPSS Discriminant Analysis in a Type

    I did a study where I used 4 variables in a cluster analysis and came up with 5 natural groupings of the respondents. Now my client wants me to create an Excel typing tool for future respondents where they will put in the answers to the 4 variables (3 categorical, 1 continuous) and the tool...
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    Using Factor Scores in Discriminant Analysis

    I am doing research on whether corporations that engage in earnings fraud can be identified up to three years before the fraud occurs. My end result will be a discriminant analysis that can be used to look at the likelihood of a company engaging in earnings fraud. I have three years of...
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    Discriminant Analysis? Or something else?

    Hi guys, This is my homework question. I would appreciate if i could get some idea of where i'm wrong. Determine whether the variables Smoking, Weight and Alcohol Consumption can be used to discriminate between the three diagnostic categories or levels of heart disease (0=no heart disease...
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    post-hoc test after principal coordinate analysis

    Hello, I'm going to explore my dataset, composed by 100 subjects and 14 binary (1,0) variables. I was wondering if my protocol makes sense: 1) I obtained a distance matrix from the dataset, by using Hamming distance 2) I performed a principal coordinate analysis on the obtained distance...
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    How to deal with a categorical response and continuous and categorical predictors?

    Hi all, I have a large dataset of categorical and continuous variables, the observations are animal species. I want to test which variables are more influent in determining a categorical variables with 3 levels. So I have a categorical response variable (3 levels) and many possible predictors...
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    [Minitab] - Sample data for discriminant analisys in Minitab 15

    Hi, I'm a grad student in MBA also a new member of the forum. I need some sample data for discriminant analisys in Minitab 15 but it's nowhere to be found. If you would be so kind to lead me somewhere, some kind of sample data and a few examples would be great help. Great forum, btw.