distribution function

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    Different samples

    Hello everyone I have the following doubt How can I prove that the data of different samples (sample 1 and sample 2) have similar behaviors? Graphically I can see that they have similar behavior, but how can I prove with a statistical test? I appreciate your answers Thanks so much...
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    Compound Distribution Hyper-Parameters

    Hi, If a compound distribution is made up of a gamma dist with parameters (a,b), and b is gamma-distributed so that its parameters are (c,d), such that I have a compound distribution -> f(a,c,d) (i.e. b has been marginalised out). My question is: If I am using the log-likelihood of the...
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    Getting pdf of X given the moments

    Please help me with the following question. m2 = E(X^2) = 1 m4 = E(X^4) = 3 m6 = E(X^6) = 9 Find all possible distributions of X.
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    Multivariate Survival and Distribution Functions

    Hello, I would like to confirm if the attached relationship between the multivariate survival and the distribution functions is correct. I read elsewhere that in the multivariate case, the equality in the attachment isn't true. Am I missing something? Thank you.