distribution tests

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    Help with Statistical distributions

    Hello I have the following doubt, I hope you can help me, I really appreciate it - I have a population of 500 businesses - A sample of the businesses with the highest sales (200 businesses) - Each business can sell many products, but I would like to know the behavior of only one group or...
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    Searching for accurate specification - panel data

    Hello Everyone, I am about to find best specification for my dataset. To begin with - I am trying to probe the effectivenes of the special economic zones in Poland in the meaning of growth of the economy in three similar panel data models for explained variables: a) registered unemployment...
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    wilcoxon signed-rank test to compare 2 pseudo-randomized distributions?

    Hello I need help to find the good statistic to use to compare two distributions of data coming from pseudo randomized trials. I have recorded some activity of different entities while a subject was performing a task with 4 conditions: A (start on the right, stay on the right), B (start on...