1. Z

    Question on distribution (newsagent profit problem)

    I know that the given distribution is a discrete uniform distribution to model the number of customers. How do I link this to the two possible events (given in the hint) to get the expected value of profit as a function of n, and how do I get this function when the profit function seems to be...
  2. S

    Sampling Distribution Problem

    Roll a dice five times. Record the results in Sample 1. Repeat the experiment for Sample 2, 3, and 4. In a live classroom setting, actual survey data is used. In this knowledge check online environment, please use the following data: Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 2 4...
  3. M

    Should I use some sort of Chi Square Distribution or another method... Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    I am asking for assistance or guidance to point me in the right direction for this problem I am trying to find a solution. Problem: I need to come up with a percentage to show a Severity of Defects for monthly software releases at my company. Each month our customers inform us of bugs/issues...
  4. M

    Chi Square & Weighted Average

    I am asking for assistance or guidance to point me in the right direction for this problem I am trying to find a solution. Problem: I need to come up with a percentage to show a Severity of Defects for monthly software releases at my company. Each month our customers inform us of bugs/issues...
  5. Q

    95% CI for rare incidence rate increasing in time.

    I have a plot of 10 incidence rates across time (see picture). I want to calculate the 95% confidence interval for each rate. It would be easiest to just do a normal distribution calculation, but I'm concerned this is not applicable here. For one, they are rare events. I thought to do a poisson...
  6. L

    Finding Symmetry(Quantitatively) and Variability between two distributions!

    I'm Currently working on Gait data,collected from 3-axis accelerometer(large data set).Need to compare(Left leg acceleration and Right leg acceleration data) and should find Symmetry and Variability Quantitatively by looking at the distribution of the acceleration data,have already found...
  7. B

    Combining two sources of uncertainty

    I will use an imperfect dice for simplicity. Let's assume there are two factors that influence the probability of the results obtained from throwing a dice: 1) the way the dice is thrown and 2) imperfections of the dice. Let's assume that we know what is the probability distribution of the...
  8. R

    Sample mean differs from population mean due to weighting

    Hi folks, The disclaimer first: I'm not primarily trained in statistics, so this problem might sound very naive to the experienced statisticians. Your expertise is what I'm looking for and any help is highly appreciated. Now the problem: I am supposed to calculate total chocolate consumption...
  9. D

    Distribution of fixed effects

    Hi all, Let me shortly introduce my research: I am looking at whether companies outperform each other in investments. To do this I observe them at multiple investments, and calculate fixed effects. Afterwards, I tested the fixed effects to confirm whether at least one company outperforms...
  10. M

    [R] Estimation of the emprical distribution

    Hi all, I was wondering if there's an R package online that automatically estimates the best distribution of my empirical data and gives the estimated parameters? I have a distribution that contains both positive and negative numbers. Cheers
  11. N

    What distribution is better in these situations?

    I'm new in statistics and probability and I'm a little lost about what distribution is better in these situations: If a tumor is malignant or not --> Bernouilli Number of entries in an emergency service during a night, know that on average 20 entries are observed per night. --> Poisson Tumor...
  12. A

    25th percentile of right-skewed and left-skewed distribution

    Hi All, Is it possible to have two lists of numbers with the same number of elements and same average, where one has a left-skewed distribution and the other has a right-skewed distribution and the 25h percentile of the numbers with the right-skewed distribution is smaller than the 25th...
  13. P

    binomial distribution problem, calculating probability from a B(p,q) distribution

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to solve this Beta distribution problem for quite some time without success. I can get as far as getting the 20 value, but I just cannot tell how the f(x)dx = .3672 is obtained. Underneath is a short description of the problem and on attachment the approach...
  14. K

    PDF of LogNormal distribution from random numbers

    Dear all, I have trouble understanding why "textbook" formula for probability density function (PDF) of lognormal distribution is different from results I got when I try to generate PDF using random data. So here is classic formula of lognormal PDF from Wikipedia with 1/x before...
  15. trinker

    Determine distribution and parameters

    I have a question but maybe it's the wrong question so I'll state the task first... I want to make data that looks like the data I'm working with without actually being the data itself. So I want to maintain structure as much as possible and generate an n row data set with similar...
  16. D

    Generating random data from correlations

    Say I have a list of personality traits: courage, materialism, compassion and so on. I interview some people and assign a rating from -10 to +10 to each trait for each person, then I find the correlation between each pair of traits. Now I want to create a "random person" by assigning a value...
  17. C

    Trying to calculate confidence intervals

    Hi everyone. The numbers below are the annual maintenance costs of a program I am working on. I'd like to use the data set to estimate future costs at different confidence intervals (e.g. 80%). Can you help me with what distribution would be best and how to produce a CDF that I can graph...
  18. K

    New Tax Concept

    Hello, I've been recently mulling over the systematic issues that seem to plague our current society. Primarily, income inequality. I'm a firm believer in capitalism and as such I wanted to find a solution to the income problem which worked with capitalism instead of against it. In...
  19. R

    Low within-scale variances leads to odd distribution

    Hello everyone: I'm a first time poster and I believe that this thread belongs in the General Stats topic, but feel free to correct me if you think it would have a better home under another topic. I have a nine-item measure with four response options. Across ~450 participants, ~180 had...
  20. P

    differential distribution frequency

    Hi there. pls I'm studying the production of energy from sawdust.So I need a firm grip in powder technology.Can anyone pls show me mathematically how the differential distribution frequency fm(D) was obtained in the attachment below. the data is from a published journal.Many thanks