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    Shannon Diversity Index - Do you need the same species across sites to compare?

    Hello, I comparing fish diversity from the years 2013 to 2018 in a freshwater river system. There are however different species present in some years. Can I still use the Shannon Index to compare diversity? I have attached my calculations below. Thank you!
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    Comparing snake diversity across primary, secondary and degraded sites - Shannon diversity index?

    Hi Everyone - hopefully you can help me with the following! I am looking to ascertain whether there is a difference in snake diversity across primary, secondary and degraded sites, encompassing a protected reserve. I have a total of ten survey sites; two in primary, three in secondary and five...
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    Bootstrapping and Independent T Tests

    Dear all, My question is whether it is appropriate to use Independent T Tests on distributions generated through bootstrapping. To be more specific: I used bootstrapping to generate 1000 subsamples for each of two observed distributions from different samples. I then used an SPSS macro to...