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    Warning "The estimated weights for the factor scores are probably incorrect" in fa function (psych)

    Dear all, I recently posted this question in another website, reposting it here in case I get any answers. I'm relatively new to this, so maybe I don't include all the information necessary in order to solve this, or I should post it in another forum - please let me know in that case. Our...
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    How to conduct analysis for experiment data with a mediation model and time series data?

    Hi everyone! I am struggling with experiment data analysis as I am not from psychology background.My key research questions are 1. The impact of leader possible self (LPS) (X1) on intention for leadership development (Y1) through the mediation of motivation-to-lead (MTL) (M1), and 2. The role of...
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    Factor Analysis newbie seeks your help

    Hi, Perhaps unwisely as a newcomer to stats, I have taken on a scale validation project. I’ve searched the literature and can’t find anything so this is the issue: I’m developing a scale that (hypothetically) will identify, differentiate and measure two different constructs occurring in...
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    Can AMOS produce the data for an EFA table or can this only come from SPSS?

    Hi all, Thoughts please. Obviously, AMOS is mainly used for confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modelling (SEM) - but can data from AMOS be used to populate an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) table as part of a measure development process? Specifically can AMOS...
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    Confirmed model doesn't fit with different population. Should I return to EFA or not?

    I am trying to confirm the model for a 16-item measure. It has been confirmed for a homogeneous group, however, I want to determine if the model fits a heterogeneous (diverse) group. I ran a CFA using LISREL; however, the output for the fit tests are not within acceptable ranges. I have...
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    Help with Exploratory factor analysis

    Hello, I am running exploratory factor analysis (EFA) to explore the existence of possible structures within my sample and I have managed to extract 6 factors. Would it be correct to state that since by means of EFA I have managed to see structure within my sample, I hypothesize that...
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    For EFA, is there a syntax to compute factor scores when missing data?

    I know there is a way to compute a sum when data are missing (e.g., I have 8 variables I want to sum and I'm okay if 2 are missing so I would use sum.6(var1, var2, var3,...). Is there also a way to compute factor scores when I have missing data? Is there any reason why I should NOT compute a...
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    Higher Order EFA in SPSS

    Greetings, I am currently in need of syntax to run a higher order EFA on SPSS. I have found several that take me through preliminary factor analysis, but I cannot find a way to create the second order factors. HELP!!!!
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    [AMOS] Negative variances despite admissibility test

    Hi there, I would really appreciate any help with this. In AMOS, I'm performing EFA. I have selected the Admissibility Test in the AMOS options. However, when I try to see the standardized direct effects, I still get a message saying that: "This matrix could not be estimated because there...
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    EFA: Factor Correlation Matrix Interpretation

    Hello, I recently ponder about the way to interpret the factor correlation matrix in an EFA (e.g. delivered in SPSS output). I realized that, despite the factor correlation matrix showing a negative correlation between two factors, these two factors may be positively related when I just...
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    Missing Data Analysis Question

    Hi gurus, I really appreciate some advise on handling missing values. Briefly, subjects rated 21 objects (obj 1 ...obj 21) on 14 attributes (attr1...attr14). Given the size of the questionnaire (21*14), we split the questionnaire into two parts: N1 (about 150) subjects rated Obj1..Obj11...
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    Factor Analysis: How many times to drop/repeat?

    In running factor analysis, all of the descriptions I've seen say to drop the variables without adequate loadings and re-run the analysis. Should this only be done once, or do I repeat the process until all of the variables load on a factor? Thanks!