1. T

    Help with effects statements

    I am trying to write effects statements and the online materials are difficult to understand. I am working with the below linear regression (proc regress) model in SAS callable SUDAAN and want to determine the beta coefficient for the effect of violence. I would like an overall estimate...
  2. W

    Fixed vs. Random Effects

    I'm wondering if someone could help me to correctly identify whether certain variables should be considered fixed or random effects. Just as context, I have a dataset of people (with information about them that I know is FIXED). I have a variable indicating to which healthcare practice...
  3. trinker

    Random vs. fixed effects: explain it to grandma rinker

    Let's start by role playing; I'm your grandma and I know nothing or very little about stats. I've been hearing about fixed and random effects (not models so much as just the terms fixed and random effects). Please explain to grandma Rinker what fixed and random mean. I know no one agrees on...