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    Merge two EOFs (principal components)

    Hi, I'm doing an EOF analysis to my data, and I make a decision on how many EOFs to retain. I also used the North's rule of thumb (North et al. 1982, Sampling errors in the estimation of empirical orthogonal functions) to see which EOFs can be "separated". The attached file shows how my...
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    Bivariate Gaussian - Axses of Ellipses & Prob. Contours

    Hi, I found the following link on the web which explains quite well the steps I need to follow to calculate Axes points of probability contours. pdf In slide 21 they have calculated eigenvalue and eigenvector but it is not what I get from Octave or C# libraries. In both cases I get...
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    Discriminant analysis Eigenvalues

    I have a specific question: when running a stepwise Discriminant analysis, if I get 2 or more steps, and then SPSS shows the eigenvalue of "function no. 1" ONLY which explains 100% of the variance, does this mean this function includes the variables in all of the steps? So, for example, I...