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    how to determine whether the point is outside/within the ellipse in PCA

    Dear all, Happy New Year. Wish you a very successful year! I am creating PCA plots in R in an automated way and need a script to define whether the sample (red dot on the figure) is outside/within the circle. Does anyone have a good solution for it? So far I've been using mahalanobis distance...
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    [r] coefficient that compares ellipses

    I'm working on an undergraduate dissertation in Phonetics. (I am on a Linguistics programme so my knowledge of Statistics and Maths in general is rather shaky!) I am trying to demonstrate whether or not an intervention group of Spanish teenagers learn to pronounce English vowels accurately more...
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    On constructing 95% confidence ellipses for bivariate data in SAS - help!!

    Hi guys! I would very much like to plot / sketch / graph a 95% confidence ellipse using base SAS for a small data set I have, of size 9. I'm unsure of how to proceed. This is the two methods I tried to use without much success: proc princomp DATA=scores OUT=scores1 COVARIANCE...