error terms

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    Systat 13 / How to redefine error terms?

    Hi there guys, I’m trying to do a repeated measure ANOVA with 2 grouping factors (TRAIT$ and BLOC$, with BLOC$ nested in TRAIT$) and 1 within factor (TIME). As I have a model with fixed and random effects, I would like to redefine some error terms that are miscalculated by Systat in the GLM...
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    Log-Normal vs. Student t-distributed Errors - exponential, logarithmic transformation

    Hello All, I'm supporting a client who is attempting to fit a line to a set of 5 (X,Y) data points. Call X years and Y people. I understand the statistical uselessness of only 5 data points particularly when projecting out 20 years which is what they intend to do. Nevertheless... Given in the...
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    Mixed Model ANOVA Error terms

    Can someone show me, or point me to a resource, that would show how to compute the resulting Error sums of squares that would be produced in a repeated-measures ANOVA *without* using the typical (SSTotal - (SS Subjects + SS Effect)) subtraction process? I realize the term represents the...