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    Problem with winbug code

    I wanted to do a Bayesian Regression in Winbug. The error message I got was "array index is less than one". There was also a trap #060 message.The Winbug code and Data are given below. I will be grateful to get advice on how I can correct these to make the system run. Thanks MODEL...
  2. S

    Compute score from variance or correlation coefficient?

    Greetings, I’m seeking inspiration in creating a scoring (figure of merit) function that can evaluate how close a set of parallel measurements are to a set of truth values. The truth values aren’t a statistical mean per say, but rather target values being sought. A set of measurements...
  3. H

    How Variance of Latitude/Longitude Relates to Variance of Distance on Earth Surface.

    I have been looking at using the position of the sun to estimate an observer's lat/lon. This relies on only three measurements, the sun's azimuth, elevation, and the time of observation. I wanted to get an idea of how accurately these three measurements must be known in order to determine the...
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    LISREL syntax error

    Hi all, I'm looking for help with my syntax testing invariance of means and intercepts across two groups. The data was teacher-supplied, so my problem is DEFINITELY somewhere in my syntax, which is posted below. I keep getting errors saying my phi matrix is not positive definite, and I have...
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    Determining error of a slope based on a dependent variable containing error

    I am currently attempting to compare the slopes of many linear graphs. Each graph is a plot of Time (independent variable) vs. Effect Size (dependent variable). I know the standard error associated with each measure of Effect Size. I want to know the error of the slope of each graph. However...
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    GLM output

    I am conducting a series of GLMs in order to find the minimum adequate model, the largest model in which all factors are significant. In some of my models all factors are significant, except for the intercept... what does this mean?? thanks andy
  7. G

    Error in result of numerical trapezoidal integration

    Hi, I wondered if there was anybody out there who could tell me how to work out the error in my numerical integration. I have the falling side of a quasi-maxwell-boltzmann distribution and have 12 experimental data points and I only want to calculate the area between my first and last data...
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    [Error] length of 'dimnames' [2] not equal to array extent

    Hello all, I'm trying to use the user-created multinomRob to make some models for my data. While documentation for that function is great and I think I'm using it correctly, I'm getting the following error when I try to use my dataframes. data <- read.csv("data.csv", header=FALSE) subj1...
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    Trying to use knn, basic. but I'm clueless

    Hi can someone please help me with this I don't know what's wrong and I went to my professor and he said he didn't know and that I should figure it out. so I need to use a dataset called wine at and then to use the k-nearest neighbor classifier...
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    Text book or article exposition on MLE (non-linear least squares) error analysis

    I am looking for a rigorous mathematical development of non-linear least squares error analysis, specially the accuracy of the MLE estimate -- either in a text or a paper. This involves an analysis of the use of the hessian of the objective function, and the variance of the residuals as a scale...
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    Help in running package "psych"

    Hello! I need your help to run the package "psych" I download it but when I run > install.packages("psych") I get a message > install.packages("psych") The downloaded packages are in '/tmp/Rtmpry2wCg/downloaded_packages' It does not let me extract it either. :mad: Also, does anyone...
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    Error message in PROC MDC (Nested Logit Model)

    Hi everyone, I've been trying to run PROC MDC in SAS for several days and always get the same error message, please help me! Basically, my goal is to run a nested logit model for a dependent variable called "pleasantness", with, for the moment, three explanatory dummy variables (and maybe more...
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    Standard Error; A fairly simple question

    Hello All, Just a little something I am unsure about, I hope you can help! So, If you have a pile of averages (say stem weight and root weight) and so you have two seperate standard errors. Now I want a standard error for the total weight, can I just add the two standard errors and have my...