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    CBT service eval data analysis

    Hi, I am conducting a service evaluation on a manualised CBT for anxiety group, at a college for individuals with autism and associated difficulties for my final MSc project. The purpose of the evaluation is to investigate the clinical outcome effectiveness of the CBT group. I have analysed...
  2. O

    Evaluate prediction results (intervals)

    We are doing a research. We have a dataset with 5 fact. For each fact we predicted an interval. Given the theoretical intervals, I want to evaluate the goodness we are fitting the theoretical results with our predictions.. Intervals represent the initial and final day of month for each fact...
  3. L

    Evaluation of impact over time

    I have 3 groups and their data: incoming customers incoming funds When looking on 2 week resolution, I check the percentage difference and can evaluate the impact on these parameters. If I have 5 weeks, data for each week, I need a better statistic to evaluate the impact on the parameters...
  4. Z

    Comparison of psychophysical methods for sensitivity to small changes

    Hi all I have two different psychophysical clinical test methods I can use to measure a particular quality. For the sake of explanation, lets say I want to measure hearing quality. Consider the following: - Both tests are design to quantify 'hearing quality' but they do so in different...
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    need some help

    Hello, I need some help with this task: The price at which buyers are willing to pay for a book subdivided by chi square distribution with an unknown parameter k. 18 out of 118 customers bought book For £ 20. And I need to evaluate the unknown distribution parameter k. I would appreciate...
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    How to create evaluation criteria for an equal probability selection method (EPSEM)

    Hi all, I need to use an equal probability selection method (EPSEM). Can you please help how can I set up an evaluation criteria to find out if the selection method is implemented in the right way? Thanks for your help!
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    single Likert scale question analysis

    I work for a holiday company which uses a 7 grade Likert scale questionnaire to collect feedback from our guests. This is my first foray into statistics and my first post here (hope I'm in the right place!) although I find it fascinating, it's also confusing! My company uses the formula below to...