evaluation criteria

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    Missing Data Imputation - How to choose the best method?

    Hello, I found a toolbox with several methods for missing data imputation, and they perform a Mean Squared Prediction Error criteria do know which method is the best for a % of missing data. They start from a complete data set (no missing data), they create a missing data, they impute the...
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    Evaluating Ranked lists

    Hi, I implemented ranking algorithm to rank relevant documents to a given topic. So the algorithm produces ranked list of documents for each topic. For example: Lets say topic A has 25 relevant documents, our experiment select another 25 random documents and rank these 50 document for the...
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    How to create evaluation criteria for an equal probability selection method (EPSEM)

    Hi all, I need to use an equal probability selection method (EPSEM). Can you please help how can I set up an evaluation criteria to find out if the selection method is implemented in the right way? Thanks for your help!