event history analysis

  1. R

    Using survival analysis to predict scope of truncated data

    I'm not sure I'm thinking about this correctly, and would be grateful for any insight as I think the problem is analogous to one that comes up in biostatistics. I have data on payment to attorneys for representing clients (at public expense). I only learn about the existence of the...
  2. Z

    Predicted probabilities for discrete-time event history analysis

    Does anyone know how to calculate predicted probabilities for a discrete-time event history analysis? Just in case the term "predicted probabilities" isn't clear, I'll provide an example based on OLS regression. Suppose I estimate the effect of education on income (I'll overlook the obvious...
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    [Life table] Explaining an anomalous result

    I am running a life table of marriage survival times using national data, the National Survey of Family Growth (N = ~8,500). Time-to-event is the time elapsed, in months, between when a marriage is formed and when it ends. Marriages intact at the time of data collection are censored; marriages...