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    MANCOVA interaction effect

    Hello everyone, I am facing the following problem: I conducted a MANCOVA to investigate whether a control group significantly differs from 2 other experimental groups with regard to 4 different dependent variables. There was a covariate included which was supposed to moderate the relationship...
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    probability question (re success)

    got the answer already. thanks! :)
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    Biomedical experiment design

    Hi, In one of my Biomedical Engineering lab courses, I have to design a data analysis methodology to statistically prove the identity of an unknown neurotransmitter solution using an earthworm crop/gizzard (basically a piece of smooth muscle that reacts to different neurotransmitters...
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    Using a correlation as a measure of how well heuristic predicts outcome?

    Hello, I am preparing an experiment in which I would like to test a heuristic. This heuristic predicts how well certain facts are known. The values returned by the heuristic are between 0 and 1. I was thinking of testing this heuristic by asking people if they know a particular fact and...