explained variance

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    Explained Variance in Laymen's terms

    Hi everyone, Say I have a correlation between two judges of .6, so 36% of explained variance. Is it correct to say: if you know the scores of judge 1, you would do 36% better in guessing the scores of judge two than if you would have no information at all?
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    Variance of parts equal to variance of whole?

    Good morning, I ran a hierarchical regression to test if variables A and B (established in the literature) are mediated by variable C (my research question) when predicting overall performance in a university unit. Block 1 was variables A and B using enter method. Block 2 included variable C...
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    Sensitivity and Specificity and explained variance.

    Hi. I have one dependent variable (Y) which is binary. I have this data for 100 subjects. I want to generate binary data for 3 independent variables (X1, X2, X3) (so effectively I want to generate 3 columns of data with 100 values in each column) I want to generate this data according to...