exploratory factor analysis

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    structural equation modeling covariance calculate

    Hey all, i don't know how to calculate the covariance between Xi and ETA(n) with the 6 factor loadings and gamma in the middle of the picture. The Variance of the latent variables is 1, so it is the fully standardised solution.. Furthermore i want to calculate the covariance between x2 and y2...
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    Basic exploratory factor analysis question

    Hi all, I have a basic question about factor analysis. From what I can understand, if different people look at the same data and factor analyze it (even with the same extraction method and rotation) they can come to different conclusions, based on certain factor loading cut offs and communality...
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    Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

    Hello. I'm developing an instrument with 27 items and I need to conduct Exploratory Factor Analysis and later, Confirmatory Factor Analysis. A sample of 26 participants (data collection interrupted by Covid-19...) answered the 27 items. A sample of 342 participants answered the 27 items and...