1. M

    Create tables /// export tab results directly to excel

    I generating a descriptive report for my boss ( that is just frequency tables). I tab everything in stata and the copy as a table and paste it excel. This can be a cumbersome task if i have many variables. Specifically, I have a bunch of scale variables:Are you proficient in: (1 to 4 scale)...
  2. M

    Stata output to Excel

    Is there a way to export Stata outputs into Excel? For example, log using Demo, replace text But instead of exporting the output in a text file, export it in Excel? Thank you, Marvin
  3. K

    Exporting results of the -table- command to Excel?

    Hi, is there any easy way to automate exporting a table command (with the content() option) to excel? I know about the various 'mouse' methods of "Copy Table", "Copy Table as HTML", with the "Table Copy Options", but I'm looking for the table equivalent as outreg2 is for regress. tabout...
  4. M

    Export Excel

    I am exporting my Stata dataset into excel and I am having trouble with one variable; the values transfer to excel weirdly. In stata the value is: 9.00e+10 or 90000201302 but in excel appears as 9E+10 o 90000203776. In stata the variabls is float. I just want the regular number in excel which...
  5. Z

    Command to export loadings in CatPCA?

    Hi, In factor analysis, it is possible to automatically export factor loadings using the matrix subcommand, like: /MATRIX OUT (FAC='C:\User\dir\loading$matrix.sav') Under CatPCA, this option is apparently not available. When there's several dozens (in my case: 150+) successive...
  6. D

    Exporting to SAS from big excel file with 10,000 rows and 1000 columns/reorganizing

    Dear Friends, thanks in advance for your support and help. I have a big excel file which needs to be exported into sas. I need to reorganize the data when the SAS data set is created. To explain what I mean I have created a tiny sample of excel file in the attached file. Sheet 1 mirrors the way...
  7. M

    Export certain datasets as csv from macro

    Hi I have a functioning macro that creates a list of datasets from a master file that is unique for each day. The datasets I create in the SAS macro therefore have the data added to them so they are easy to categorize. I would like to export some of the datasets as I create during the...
  8. jpkelley

    [R graphics export/import] High-res graphics from R into Word

    Hi all, I'm completing graphs for my dissertation, and I decided to bite the bullet and ask all of you gurus about how to efficiently export R graphics into Word (no, I'm not using Latex yet). By export into Word, I simply mean export the high-res image into a folder for eventual import into...
  9. F

    Correlation matrix pinted into table. How?

    I need to create a "decent" correlation matrix; the output of the R is really ugly and not easy to follow What are my choices? How can I export the output into a simple table? Also, I found on the net this beautiful correlation matrix at...