1. X

    Identical continouous dependant variables vs. unique independent variables?

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue re: the statistical test I should be using in research I am undertaking. Let's say I have a study population of 300 subjects. Each of these subjects have an individual measure of health, let's say Forced Vital Capacity (FVC) which is a continuous measure. I wish to...
  2. M

    Test the fit of rate data to a Poisson process

    How can you test the whether a collection of rate data is consistent with a Poisson process? I am investigating a random process which conceptually could be a Poisson process. I have a collection of rate data (counts/min), and I would like to test whether their distribution is consistent with...
  3. victorxstc

    Is my study case-control or retrospective cohort?

    Hi AFAIK if we split the sample by the exposure, it is retrospective cohort; and if we split it by the disease, it is case control. I am studying the association between malocclusion and the efficacy of mastication. I have divided the sample into two groups: people with and without...