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    extract first value from multiple columns

    i am trying to do this in R. it is equivalent to the stata command rowfirst suppose i have four columns as shown below (T1, T2, T3, T4). I want to create a new column (TX) which contains for each row the first element in columns T1:T4. ID T1 T2 T3 T4 A 0 2 4 5 B . . 6 5 C . 8...
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    Extract Values from Output in for loop

    Dear community, i am currently trying to extract the four parameters of a fitting output/call: This output will be generated around 5000 times. And i need the highlighted values in a seperate table. My for loop is: Thanks for any advice. Kind regards, Luca
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    Extract colour values pr pixel from a selected area of a photo - package suggestions?

    I am a biology student currently working on my master thesis which deals with i. a. bird plumage variation. I have many photos taken in the field, and I need programming or a program to acquire the colour values per pixel of the area I am interested in. Unfortunately, I do not know that much...