f test

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    Choosing a method for a two-sample statistical test

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find a best method to analyze the difference between two datasets. The thing is I have a separate software where I calculated environmental impacts from production of a certain chemical substance. However, not all information was available about the actual content...
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    F Change Test and ANCOVA

    Given R squared between the DV and covariant, R squared between the DV and treatment (two groups), R squared between DV and covariant treatment combined, and N, could you conduct an F change test? If so, how? Could you make any conclusions about the effect of the treatment?
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    ANOVA maybe?

    I realized the answer but can't see how to delete.
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    How to determine if two R2 values (rsquared) are significantly different

    Hi TalkStats :):):) I have fit two different functions (f1,f2) to some data. These functions have different forms (see below), in that they have different numbers of parameters. But the data is the same - the number of predictor/dependent variables is the same. f1 = \frac{1}{1 +...
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    Meta-Analysis: Transforming F scores to Cohen's d

    I need to convert F statistics from 1-Way & from 2-Way ANOVAs into Cohen's d. The formula in my handbook: d = (2 * the square root of F) /over/ (the square root of df(error)) My question is: Is df(error) equal to (N - k) - (n - 1)? Or does "error" denote something else? If anyone has a...
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    SPSS 20 - Fixed effects regression using LSDV

    Hi, I am using a panel data set in SPSS 20. I am attempting to run a fixed effects regression using least squares dummy variable and calculate F tests to compare the residuals from the (restricted) pooled OLS and (unrestricted) LSDV estimators. However, since I am using a recent version I...
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    Simple F test question

    I have 3 data series A, B and C. How do I test whether the averages across A and B AND B and C etc. are jointly equal to one another using an F-test. I want to do this in R. Thanks