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    Calculating F-Value in multiple regression model

    Dear all, I am currently studying for my exam econometrics and i cant find a formula on how to calculate an F value. This is the question: Suppose someone is interested in the relationship between the UK real consumption growth (∆Ct), real income growth (∆Yt) and the growth in real investment...
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    Critical F value for testing Full vs Reduced models.

    Full Model: Y=b0+b1x1+b2x2+b3x3+b4x4 Supposed the sample size is 16. What is the critical F value for testing the full versus the following model: Y=b0+b2x2+b3x3+b4x4?
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    Mixed ANOVA: p-Value of within factor increases by adding a between factor...?

    Hello, I thought I'm good in math and statistics but this one is giving me a real headache...hope one of the pros here can explain/solve it... I ran a mixed ANOVA with one within and one between factor, both variables have 2 outcomes - pretty easy. Accidentally when I first did it, I...