factor analyses

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    Regression Analysis

    Hello, It would be great if somebody can help me with this: Is it correct to conduct factor analysis on data source (A) and then run a simple regression analysis with derived factor from factor analysis as independent variable and a item from the same data source (A) as dependent variable...
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    Using Factor Scores in Discriminant Analysis

    I am doing research on whether corporations that engage in earnings fraud can be identified up to three years before the fraud occurs. My end result will be a discriminant analysis that can be used to look at the likelihood of a company engaging in earnings fraud. I have three years of...
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    Longitudinal Analyses with questionnaire with varying items per wave

    Hi all, For my thesis I am conducting a longitudinal analyses (5 waves) on antisocial behavior measured with the ASBQ. Now I have a different amount of items per wave, because they included items that were more age appropriate per wave. This results in: T1 (31 items), T2 (26 items), T3 (28...