factorial analysis

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    Factorial experiment in CRD with unequal replications

    Hi guys, i am a graduate student in statistics. i want to test for the main and interaction effect of 3 treatments on a group of patients. let say i have treatments A, B and C. each with 2 levels, presence and absence. So i decided to perform a 2^3 factorial Experiment in a Completely...
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    Unique Solution.

    Is the following statement true that : "To get unique solution of each parameter in a model, number of equations must be greater than or equal to the number of parameters." ??? Regards.
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    Statistical test for analyzing 2*3 between-subject design's main & interaction effect

    Hello, I am now having trouble analyzing my data since I got stuck on selecting the proper statistical test to use. My data is a 2*3 between-subject design data. The two IVs are one norminal(with values 0 and 1) and one ordinal(with values 0, 1,2), and my dependent variables are interval...
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    Nested ANOVA Experimental Design Help

    Hi, This is my first time posting here so apologies if my post is not appropriate. I am a masters student doing a project on evaluation of conditioning methods to prepare farmed abalone for the stress of live export. I am looking at whether holding time duration and the ozone levels of the...
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    How is the following Vignette analysed using factorial design?

    I am attaching a vignette with the results of analysis taken from a study. My questions follow from thence: Scenario 1 [Manipulations: C= parity I= Work time requirements] Jean and Bob are both employed. They [C1: do not have children] [C2: have a 2-year-old child] [C3: have 2 children, ages 2...
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    help with calculating KMO for Favtorial Analysis

    :shakehead Hello, I hope someone can help me with my dilemma. I have a small dataset (n=59) and I have read that if KMO above .6, then a Factorial Analysis may work. In trying to compute this in SPSS every textbook talks about variables. I suppose each item on a questionnaire is a...