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    Conjoint Analysis

    I have 10 attributes with three factors each. I have used orthogonal design to create different cards/scenarios for these attributes. However, I have used conjoint analysis to analyse my results base on these different attributes. My question is: Is there a way I can use conjoint analysis to run...
  2. T

    Finding an overall level of Motivation (from a motivational questionnaire)

    Hi, i was hoping i could get some help concerning the statistics of factors in a Motivational Questionnaire. Long story short, in the company i work for, we are about to test a bunch of people and pick some people over others. The test is based on motivation, and the end result is results in...
  3. V

    ANCOVA - conflicting results, how to code test

    I carried out a group project on a uni field course looking at whether a species' vigilance was affected by whether or not there were young in the group. We recorded the number of adults and young and then observed how much of the time the adults in each group were vigilant. We also recorded...
  4. K

    Newbie stats help: How to safely interpret Total Variance Explained -Factor analysis

    Hi all, I have run a factor analysis to test reliability and validity of an established scale and found simple structure with my own sample, which is great. I found a difference between the factors that explain most of the variance in the established study and my study. Now I am discussing...
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    Categorical data tested for several factors: which test should I use?

    Hi guys, I'm currently doing a research project as part of my internship on mangrove damage along a river as a consequence of a major flood event. Shoreline was analysed for 1 meter sections. For each section my data comprises of the categorical categories mortality (yes/no) and certain...
  6. G

    Identify the causes for a phenomenon

    Hi everyone. I would like to investigate the relationship of different factors to a phenomenon. Saying I have traffic accidents (1 or 0) with related data at the same time and place e.g. traffic condition, weather, speed deviation, time-of-the-day, etc. How can I tell if those factors are...
  7. S

    permutation test on 2-factor contingency table

    Anyone has an idea on how to perform a permutation test on a 2-factor contingency table? In R? thanks!! :)
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    evaluating the numerical influence of a factor in an ANOVA setting

    Hi, is there a way to calculate with precision the numerical influence of a factor in a 2-factor setting? Maybe using ANOVA? thanks!
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    GLM with Random Factors

    Hi: Newbie to SPSS. Tons of stats and programming knowledge ... but helping a novice with their SPSS work. We're doing a GLM with a random factor. When I put a factor in (incorrectly) as fixed I get one less piece of output, and when I put the factor in (correctly) as random I'd like to...
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    statistics help please

    I'm having trouble with a few questions in my text book and was hoping you could help...I need to know this for my exam and I just need some help figuring these out...the first one is 1. A two-factor research study has two levels of factor A and two levels of factor B with n = 10...
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    Factors in an nls model

    Hello, I have some nls model fitted with a four parameter logistic curve. model<-nls(V1 ~ SSfpl(V2, a, b, c, e)) I want to test the effect of a factor on this fit, something like: model<-nls(V1 ~ SSfpl(V2+factor, a, b, c, e)) or model<-nls(V1 ~ SSfpl(V2, a, b, c, e)+factor)...