false positive rate

  1. victorxstc

    ROC curve from an array of Confusion Matrices (true positive rate and false positive rate)

    How can us create an ROC curve from confusion matrices?
  2. E

    Real life probability riddle

    First time poster. I have something of a probability riddle that I'm not sure how probability experts would think about it. The story is as follows: My spouse and I received a second dose of the pfizer vaccine on Jan 14 and traveled to the USA on Jan 17. Our four children did not receive the...
  3. S

    ROC Curves

    Good Morning, I have a problem that may perhaps be very simple, but I keep getting very stuck and very frustrated. I'm trying to produce ROC curves for my data. My data set is for each year: Outbreak Data - date and location of disease occurrence Warning Data - date and location...