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    p-value adjustment/FDR control for data with few changes

    Hi everyone, I am running some omics experiments where I compare a treated and an untreated condition. In order to compare them, I am computing a t-test and my output are fold changes and p-values. In this dataset, I only have very vew changes (this is to be expected for this dataset) but I...
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    Appropriate p-value correction in two cohort meta-analysis (discovery / validation)

    Dear all, I would like to request your help and opinions on a meta-analysis setup utilizing two completely independent cancer cohorts, where one acts as discovery data set, while the other is meant as validation cohort. To 'integrate' both cohorts, I would like to select genes by FDR in...
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    Controlling False Discovery Rate (FDR) in Regression with Correlated IVs

    I am looking for a procedure/code to control FDR in a multiple regression analysis, including 1 DV and 28 IVs (some of them interaction terms). Some IVs are correlated. Where can I find the appropriate FDR procedure/code for this problem? Thanks. Salar
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    Gene expression analysis - FDR and p-values

    Hi, I'm using Affymetrix microarrays to check if there exist some differences in the gene expression of two group of animals that have been differently treated. I'm using a t-test with permutations (as my groups only have three animals and I read that it is better to use permutation if you...