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    How can you merge two files in SPSS when the cases are not perfectly the same?

    For one of our replication projects, we have two SPSS datasets. As they are part of a follow up study (we have wave 1 and wave 3), they principally include the same cases. However, the second dataset contains some extra cases and others went missing. All cases have an identifier. We want to...
  2. W

    Finding specific terms in several files.

    I have several documents, and would like to see which files contain a given term. How to do that in R?
  3. R

    Loading Data from Multiple files and saving same graph produced from each file.

    Hi, I'm new to R and programming. I don't really know where to start on this. What I'd like to accomplish is having R open a file containing my seperate file names (all .csv files), and then load one file at a time, and produce the same graph from it, and saving it as a pdf but with the same...