fit indices

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    CFA - Chi Square and SRMR - Fit Indices

    Hello, I'm running a cfa to examine a scale with 3 correlated factors (subscales) and 14 observed variables (items) and n=79 (which is actually, unfortunately way too small for cfa). The chi²-test is significant, so actually I should reject the model, but it is recommended to additionally...
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    Good CFA indices but poor SEM indices

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me make sense of my results from Structural Equation Modelling for my Masters thesis. I've first conducted a CFA and obtained good fit indices, but SEM results have shown poor fit (χ2 (574) = 837.095, p <.001, GFI below .9 and RMSEA was .062...
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    Bad fitting models - what to do next?

    In my study I was doing studying attitudes and their influence on eachother using existing 7-point likert scales. To goal was to models these attitudes. I had almost 300 participants, 9 latent variables and about 30 items. I've first done a CFA, which couldn't achieve acceptable fit. I used the...