fit statistics

  1. M

    How to determine if two R2 values (rsquared) are significantly different

    Hi TalkStats :):):) I have fit two different functions (f1,f2) to some data. These functions have different forms (see below), in that they have different numbers of parameters. But the data is the same - the number of predictor/dependent variables is the same. f1 = \frac{1}{1 +...
  2. kiton

    Model fit statistic for population-average specification

    Hello everybody! For the purpose of my study I am using an exponential Poisson model with population-averaged (PA) effects, as implemented in Stata's -xtpoisson, pa- command. However, neither of the fit statics (e.g., -LogLikelihood, BIC, or AIC) are appropriate after PA estimation. Are...
  3. amsavage

    SEM using survey data and maximum likelihood estimation - fit statistics?

    I have estimated an SEM model in STATA based on survey data. Once I identify the data as survey by including sample weight and bootstrap weight variables I can no longer get fit statistics. Not even the basic X2 and associated p value. The message I receive is: model was fit with svy: prefix...