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    Three-Way (2x2x2) Between-Subjects ANOVA in SPSS

    I'm just wondering how I can decompose a significant 3-way interaction in SPSS (all three IVs are categorical) without splitting the file, so that my follow up degrees of freedoms in the follow up tests remain the same as the omnibus degrees of freedom?
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    Should IRRs and HRs always be equal?

    I am running an analysis in a large population registry where individuals enter and leave the dataset at different time points. When i estimated the IRR between two distinct groups and a health outcome, and then a HR, I am finding a small difference (IRR 2.18, HR 2.01). Shouldn't they have...
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    Two-way MANOVA

    Hi, how do I fully follow up this MANOVA, please??? 2 IVs: Exposure Therapy (2 levels: control, or virtual reality) and Medication (2 levels: Propranolol, or placebo) (Giving 4 treatment groups/combinations) 2 DVs: The CAPS-5 and Skin conductance. (To measure PTSD symptom levels in two...
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    Follow-up tests with 2-way within-subject repeated measures ANOVA

    Hi everybody, I've been doing a 2-way within-subject repeated measures ANOVA and I have some questions: 1) Is it correct that I'm only allowed to do follow-up tests if I see an interaction? 2) Is it acceptable to do t-tests as follow-up tests or should I use something else? Best...
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    To report or not to report posthocs for a 'back up' test

    Short version - I have run some non-parametric tests (Friedman) as sort of backup to a ANOVA because of an assumption violation - should I report the pairwise comparisons for these tests in addition to planned comparisons I did following the ANOVA? TIA, E...
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    Follow-up on Kruskal-Wallis

    Hi everybody! I just found this forum and became so happy because I'm in a bit of trouble and have no book to help me right now. I am doing an statistical analysis based on the answers from a survey a friend of mine created. The respondents are visitors to a music festival and the survey...
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    Methods in longitudinal analyses with different follow-up times

    Hi all, I am new to this forum, but registered because I am looking for the right method to use in the analyses of two different projects, both longitudinal with different follow-up times for patients. I did some research into the study methods, but wasn't sure and wanted to check on this...