1. L

    Calculated statistic for the college demographic and money spent on food?

    Im working on the marketing portion of my business plan and am having a troublesome time locating any information specifying the college demographic and how much they contribute to the 783 billion dollar restaurant industry. Does anyone know of this information, where I can locate the...
  2. trinker

    Favorite condiments

    I felt the need to start a favorite condiments thread and maybe we could graph the results (using ggplot2 of course) showing our favorite condiments. We have to make this somewhat statistical so let's form it as an R list with various categories with vectors of likes in rank order. There now...
  3. C

    Meal Coding

    Hi all, I am new to this forum posting. I am currently working on trying to code meals. At the moment I have subjects with seperate rows for each of the foods eaten. There is also a time beside each of these foods, so we know each meal 'sitting', or complete meal eaten. I am wondering is...