for loop

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    Sub-setting data in R using 2 data tables

    I'm trying to, ultimately, find max / min values in "DS" for multiple values of "P" in Perf for different properties "API". The "DS" set is 882 x 8 while Perf is 81 x 6. I have the problematic code below I've run that uses a "for" loop. Note that when API <- 1, the code does not stop at i <=...
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    Simulating a ranking/draft system in R

    Trying to simulate a draft/ranking system based on prior, already existing individual team rankings in R. Here is the full link to the question:
  3. G

    How to create matrix from character vectors

    I am analysing a table and trying to sort the rows respecting a condition (column 1 = 2). I wish then to create a sub-table formed by the rows (character vectors) respecting the condition. I am using the for loop as follow: n<-211 # number of rows of my data.frame table (data1)...