1. R

    Excel Formating Help

    Hello! How can i format a table in Excel so, if one of the cells in the table is a text, it is counted as a certain value in another SUM cell For example : A B C D E F 1 8 *text* 6 9 3 SUM1 2 *text* 3 4 *text* 2 SUM2...
  2. T

    - stcox - Formatting of output

    When I run stcox on a dataset already stset, I get the output formatted like this: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _t | Haz. Ratio Std. Err. z P>|z| [95% Conf. Interval]...
  3. C

    SPSS formatting issues

    I have collected SF-36 (multi choice QoL data) for a few hundred patients over three time periods. When the data has been entered after each time period a new row was created in SPSS. Meaning i have three rows containing the different Qol at the different time periods for each patient...