1. A

    Basic distance frequency between two populations

    Hello, I have two populations (P1,P2) of 50 000 individuals. Each individual is described by it s frequency in each population (f1,...,f50000 for P1 and f'1,...,f'50000 for P2). I have calculated a mean frequency and I would like to determine which individual is far from the mean and which one...
  2. G

    How to find the trend in binary time-series?

    Hello everyone! I have an event that can happen with each of my patients (Y or N), collected over many years. Theses patients are independent of each other. I want to detect the trend taking into account the binary nature of my variable but also the number of cases per year. For example, I...
  3. M

    Significance testing over time on frequency count

    Hi all, Not sure which test I should be using. I have five years of data from one city that lists all the individuals and if their income is low, medium, or high. If I want to test if there is a significant change over time on the number of people under each category (low, medium, or high)...
  4. L

    Statistic software to calculate this?

    Hello everyone. This is a difficult post... take your time to read please, and I am sorry if I have not explained myself very well I would like to calculate the average frequency of an event in a tennis match: For example, let's say that Rodger Federer in the most of the tennis...
  5. E

    Which test to use for three categories of frequency data?

    I have three categories of data (no change, uplisted, down listed). For each category I have a value for the frequency of occurrence. How do I compare these frequencies? It is essentially a one-way ANOVA type analysis that I want to do, but since the data are frequencies not means this test...
  6. fordy_4

    Comparing groups. Should I use Frequency or T test ?

    Morning everyone, New member to the stats forum and glad to be here. I'm learning stats as part of an internship at a company, but I am having trouble using it as I have (a) little stats experience (b) no experience with this type of software (SPSS). I have been tasked with using SPSS...
  7. N

    Difference between samples in terms of frequency ranks

    I have 3 different texts, and for each one of them, I have the frequencies of 25 letters appearing in those texts (Text A, letter A, freq = 5013; Text A, letter B, freq = 1462,...). These texts have different, and not normal distributions. I would like to know, if there's any significant...
  8. R

    Frequency table and plots for bird observations

    Hi, It's been several years since I last used R and I have what I hope is a simple problem. I am helping to create frequency plots of bird observations over a 40 year period. Here is a sample of the data: name count date month day period 1 Acadian Flycatcher 3 3/19/1961 3 19 3.2 2...
  9. P

    differential distribution frequency

    Hi there. pls I'm studying the production of energy from sawdust.So I need a firm grip in powder technology.Can anyone pls show me mathematically how the differential distribution frequency fm(D) was obtained in the attachment below. the data is from a published journal.Many thanks
  10. A

    multiple-response frequencies

    Should frequency tables for multiple response questions be calculated based on total number of respondents or total number of responses?
  11. 1

    What test to identify words used more frequently by one group than another?

    I have two groups of subjects, A and B. I have a text sample produced by each subject. My goal is to idenitfy those words that are used significantly more frequently by one group than by the other (probably in terms of percentage of total words rather than number of uses, because group A...
  12. L

    count frequency

    my dataset looks like this in the beginning: Dosis weight sex 1 0 6.62 m 2 0 6.65 m 3 0 5.78 m 4 0 5.63 m 5 0 6.05 m 6 0 6.48 m 7 0 5.50 m 8 0 5.37...
  13. J

    Help please with system missing values

    Hi, This is related to my previous post..I'm using IBM SPSS statistics 20 and I have been struggling to perform Games-Howell tests on some of my data. I have just realised that I am getting problems with the frequency for that data set too so the two must be related which is when I discovered...
  14. M

    frequency of multiple values

    I would like to see frequencies and percentages of the respondents scoring at least once a value of 1 on three variables. More specifically I have 3 questions on whether they have been victim of a certain type of crime. I want to see what percentage has been a victim of any crime. I...
  15. H

    Trying to display 3+ scaled variables in one table

    SPSS TABLES: Trying to display 3+ scaled variables in one table Hello, I've been trying to display 3 variables that use the same scale with the same value labels in one table in SPSS V19 and have been unsuccessful. example: Q1. On a scale of 1 to 5 how satisfied are you with your ISP...
  16. L

    2IVs, multiple-levels; 1DV=frequency

    EDIT: (in title I meant 2 IVs, not 2DVs!) - I fixed it for you - Dason Hi, I have a question: what test would be appropriate? IV = genotype, 2 levels (wild type, mutated) IV = behaviors, 6 levels (climbing, etc..) DV = frequency (how often does each behavior occur) ideas? if you need more...
  17. A

    Is Chi Square the right test to use?

    Dear all, I am having a bit of trouble figuring out which test to perform in the following case: In my eye-tracking study participants are viewing short video clips of people's faces and I count the number of times each of five face regions are fixated by each participant. I have one...
  18. T

    Adding missing values while comparing two vector..

    Let say i have aa=c(0,2,3,5) freq=c(13,4,5,2) table_aa=cbind(aa,freq) But, I want to have the final output something like: table_aa aa freq 0 13 1 0 2 4 3 5 4 0 5 2 So, i want to "automatically" generate for any value aa with zero frequency, i want to add...
  19. I

    Relative Frequency using S-PLUS

    Hello, I would like to ask how can I compute relative frequency of a vector using S-PLUS. I have already find the frequency using statistics->data summaries->crosstabulations. Thanks in advance!:)
  20. T

    Comparing variable frequency in groups=help!

    Hi, I am in need of desperate help. I have collected data consisting of frequencies of aggression in a group of chickens according to different conditions. I need to be able to find which condition was the most successful at reducing the amount of aggression recorded. I have a control...