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    GAMM Question: Parameter Coefficients vs Smooth terms. When is the former sig not the latter?

    Hello, I have a couple of years experience with GAMMs and I have run several complex models that have shown some really nice time course effects - well controlled structures too. In a new study, I have what seems like a straightforward Q, but I'd like a bit of insight if possible.I'll keep the...
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    GAMM plot??

    Hi everyone, I would like some help. I did a multilevel analysis using GAMM from mgcv package and plot the predict values with the confidence intervals. I read in a few foruns that the plot only use the fixed part from the equation to predict the values used in the plot. Could anyone knows...
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    Dear all, I have been looking everywhere for answers (forums, books, websites etc.) but I am still struggling with a few statistical questions. I hope this forum will help me get some answers! My research question deals with diseases affecting benthic organisms. We conducted 6...