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    Which hotel is better?

    Hi everyone. Maybe this is stupid, but when we chose a hotel for a holiday on TripAdvisor and, I had an idea about how to compare two hotels by their rating(despite the fact that there is already a general rating). For example, TripAdvisor: Grades are divided into 5 categories...
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    Question on Ph.D. Proposal completion.

    Hello everyone... I am a Statistics Ph.D. student at an Indian University. I am mostly in the final stages of my research period. I am posting this to get some advice from you all. Before starting my Ph.D. I submitted a proposal. However I did not answer all my research questions, at some...
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    Thank you and a Bayesian understanding

    My life is full of wonderful people, but none have much of an understanding of probability theory or statistics specifically. I'm not sure how welcome this forum is to this kind of thing but I just wanted to put it out in the universe/or interverse a recent experience. Last night, I couldn't...