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    Is there a R package for analyzing twins raised together and apart?

    I have data from a clinical study on samples of twins raised together and apart. I have not found much resources for this type of analysis. Can anyone point me in the direction of these type of information or R package? CHEERS
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    My nemesis: multinomial logistic regression

    Dear all, For the final article of my PhD-thesis, I need to analyze various categorical results. My goal is to find whether a certain genotype will give a predisposition to no, few or many side-effects after taking medication. To ascertain this, I used multinomial logistic regression in...
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    Genetic Algorithm in SPSS

    hi i want use of genetic clustring algorithm in spss , but this in not in this software please help me and answer to my question where how i can used from genetic algorithm for cluster my data in spss ? thank you good luck