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    Business major looking in the MS Statistics

    Hello, So I'm about to finish a my BBA and am looking into working with data analytics. There are plenty of great business analytics programs out there that I'm eligible for, but I think I'd like to expand my opportunities (i.e. if I ever want to go into research much later on through a PhD...
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    What courses to take as an undergrad if I want to pursue a Master's/PhD?

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman at a large research university in California. My school offers 3 B.S. degree options: general statistics, applied statistics, and computational statistics. At first, I chose applied statistics because I hope to pursue a career in epidemiology or biostatistics in the...
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    Quick Graduate School Question

    I have noticed that there is at least one post asking about undergrad courses that stat ms programs require but no clear answer was really given. If possible I would be very appreciative if someone could just give a general course listing of what I should be sure to take before leaving...