1. C

    Move position of y-axis between graphs

    Hi, I looked briefly but couldn't find a solution to this. I have two graphs, aligned vertically, par(mfcol=c(2,1)) with the same variable on the y-axis. The bottom axis is actually a zoomed in version of one part of the time-series of the first graph. I was wondering if there is a way to...
  2. J

    How can i comment on the following graphs of Binomial distribution.

    I am using 'R' to draw the graph : par(mfrow=c(2,2)) graph(10,0.05) graph(20,0.05) graph(50,0.05) graph(200,0.05) How can i comment on the graphs? Does it " as number of trials increases, probability of getting the zero success decreases" ?
  3. M

    Problems with graphing dinamic correlation after"mgarch dcc"

    Problems with graphing Hi everybody, I have some problems after having done the command "mgarch dcc.." and "predict H*, variance". I need to estimate and then graph the correlation so I generate a new variable with the one I have from the garch model. (Es. I want correlation between stocks...
  4. A


    Hey, I would like to do a bar graph with two variables. On the graph you should see people with and without children in relation to annuities. gen Child =0 if h6child & h6hhidlevel==1 & HQ184M1==2 ==0 // without child replace Child =1 if h6child & h6hhidlevel==1 & HQ184M1==2 >=1...
  5. J

    graphing an interaction in Stata

    Hello, I am trying to find the correct way to graph an interaction effect between two continuous variables in Stata. My regression, the code is nestreg: regress y (c1 c2) (x1 x2) (x1_x_x2) with y the outcome variable, c1 and 2 controls, x1 and 2 the independent variables, and x1_x_x2 a...
  6. G

    Stata Graph

    Morning, I am using stata for doing graph with command : "twoway line variable1 variable2 timeVariable" In my database, i have a lot of countries and, when stata do this graph for all the countries, the first point of every curve is joined to the last point of this same curve. Here you...
  7. S

    proc gplot help with tidying up of graphs.

    hi everyone. i would be most grateful if anyone can maybe help me to "tidy up" my graph output I get from proc gplot. The current graph's axis are too small - the main problem is that when i import the graph into latex or scientific workplace, it looks completely out of proportion. Also...
  8. S

    Bar graph with two variables

    Hey guys. So I'm pretty good with the non-graphic part of STATA now, but I fail to understand how to make this specifik bar graph. What I have, for example, is two variables: var1 = 3 categories: high, mid, low var2 = 2 categories: yes, no What I'd like what to have a bar graph...
  9. G

    Scatterplot Question

    Hello, I have designed two Likert scales to assess the purchase likelihood of a brand with a certain attribute and the second one to assess the attitude towards this attribute (both are 7-point scales). I based my questionnaire on the theory of planned behaviour which says that attitude is...
  10. D

    Visualising survey responses

    Hi there, We have got back the results of a survey and I was hoping someone could help with R code to visualise the results. There were about 20 questions in total with likert scales. We'd like to view the responses by age groups and gender. I think a mosaic plot might be the best but I can't...
  11. jpkelley

    Graphic placement via locator() in R

    Hi all, I know the likelihood of such a feature is abysmally low, but does anyone know of a package in R that allows creation of composite images via the locator() function? I'm final with viewport and facet capabilities, but I'm curious if I can create irregularly (i.e. non-grid) arranged...
  12. S

    Adding letters in graph for no significant difference

    Hi, does anybody now how to add letters in a graph (lineplot) in R for treatment levels that did not differ significantly from each other? I've searched the web but without any luck :shakehead Thank you!
  13. S

    Ordered Probit (similar to Ordered Logit): Pseudo R2 Meaning?

    Ordered Probit (similar to Ordered Logit): How to graph? Hi! I have just run a oprobit and am curious about how to graph the results. . oprobit numrate NSPFrac Iteration 0: log likelihood = -111627.39 Iteration 1: log likelihood = -111415.17 Iteration 2: log likelihood =...
  14. M

    graphing a 3x2x2 mixed design in SPSS, how?

    Hi, I have a 3-way mixed factorial data set. In this study, an experimenter compared three different therapies for quitting smoking; let's say they are X, Y, Z in two locations (Home and Work). Therapy and location are both between subject variables. Participants were asked to rate their...